Ice Cream On Demand


Now here’s the exciting bit. We were actually inspired to buy this truck after several lazy evenings of wondering why we can’t have ice cream delivered when we really want it. Then we asked several of our friends and family if they’d ever wished someone would deliver them ice cream. They all said “hell yes”.

Seems to us, the main problem is the ice cream melting when it leaves the restaurant, so what if you just bring the whole ice cream truck?

In the mood for ice cream at home? Wish that ice cream trucks could be on demand instead of turning up right when you’re about to eat dinner or don’t have cash?

Well, that’s where we come in!

Check the site to make sure we’re out and about then call us up and place your order- we’ll bring the truck to you! Minimums and delivery fees apply.

If you just want us to try and stop by and aren’t dead set on getting ice cream, text us and request a stop. If we are close, we’ll stop by.

We want to bring the ice cream to you, when you want it, not when you happen to hear that  jingle coming down the street.

  • All you have to do is check our website for the Green Go button which means we are delivering.
  • Take a peek at our live GPS tracker if you want to see where we are delivering right now. View the Happy Rays truck location
  • Then call us up and place your order!

There is a minimum order of 4 ice creams to receive free delivery within a 3 mile radius.

If you are further than that or only want one ice cream, there is a $5 delivery fee.

We accept cash or card, minimum $20 with card.

Call 203-604-5164 and try us out!

We bring the ice cream and sunshine to you no matter the weather!